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Silvia coffee – the top coffee machine

Posted on April 17, 2017  in Appliances

This rancilio HSD silvia machine is the best or the top rated coffee machine mainly recognized in the market as semi-automatic coffee machine. This is the premium machine so far that comes with the best technical features along with a budgetary price.

Made with complete stainless steel body, the machine would deliver the customer with delicious made coffees every time. As the machine is very popular amidst the coffee and coffee lovers, people often look on tips and tutorials for coffees, lattes, cappuccinos over the internet.

As far as the performance is considered, many commercial graded components and best spare parts are used in the build up of machine. It delivers perfect stability of heat and premium extraction to the customer. Many customers were thoroughly impressed with this fact that the machine 12 oz brass boiler produces perfect steaming power which has a fast recovery time between various shots. The single boiler included in this machine possesses the largest capacity in any coffee machine of it`s class. The machine also sports a  steam designed knob,  articulating  steam wand,  which also allows full ranges of motions, that steams milk for perfect cappuccino.

So far, it has registered rave reviews and not only in homes, even in restaurants and other coffee outlets, this Silvia coffee machine is seen. It gives perfect blend of best steel and top components. With a 7 gram tea and coffee scoop, plastic tamper along with 2 different baskets for double shots, this machine is the perfect one for the customers. Briefing down below some pros of the machine:

Build with high quality material which is perfectly proven to last long
Commercial quality components included in the machine
Excellent steaming power in the machine recovery feature between the shots
58mn commercial sized portafilter
Very easy and convenient to use with 3 buttons for the brew, hot waters and steam

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